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Welcome to the Relaxed Parade Space, where you can find some more information to help guide you through the experience.

Visual Guide

For more information on the Relaxed Parade Space, including visual examples of what you can expect on the day, see our downloadable Visual Guide.

Easy Read Guide

Check out our Easy Read Guide which may support you/your family’s attendance at the parade.

St. Patrick's Festival is delighted to announce the introduction of a Relaxed Parade Space for the first time at this year’s national St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday March 17th. The Relaxed Parade Space, sponsored by Dublin City Council, supported by the Lord Mayor Dáithí de Róiste, with additional support from Bank of Ireland, aims to create the space which will be designed to support the needs of neurodivergent families and individuals, and those with sensory processing differences.

The Relaxed Parade Space will include:

• Limited seating for those who need to take a break;
• A large shared sensory space – with equipment to help attendees to regulate and take time out of the busy atmosphere of the parade when needed;
• Two private break tents;
• A ‘More space to move about!’ area – for attendees who need an open space, free of pedestrian traffic, to run, spin, dance, twirl, etc;
• Some entertainers onsite before the Parade begins;
• A tea/coffee unit with some café seating (Please note: this unit will sell confectionary, but there are no food outlets onsite, so we advise attendees to bring food/snacks);
• Toilets (including two wheelchair accessible toilets);
• A cloakroom where you can leave larger bags, buggies, etc., as required.

Please note, entry to the Relaxed Parade Space is via wristband only.
Due to the huge demand for the space, allocation of wristbands has been determined by lottery. All successful applicants will have been contacted in advance of the Festival.

The Relaxed Parade Space will be open from 10am – 4pm, and while the parade doesn’t begin until 12pm, if you feel comfortable, it may be easier to get to the space a little earlier when the crowds have not built up as much.

Additional information about getting to and from the Relaxed Parade Space area is now available in the online Visual Guide (see link).

Please be aware that public transport will be operating on Sunday schedule and that due to the crowds anticipated, it may take longer than normal to get to the area.

Please note that this is an outdoor event with limited sheltered area so please dress appropriately. After the parade finishes, you may wish to wait a while as the initial rush of people passes.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Check out the full festival programme on

These stickers can be filled out with a name and contact number and can be worn by your child/charge in case you become separated from them at any time during the event. Security at the Relaxed Parade Space will be able to phone you using the contact number on the sticker. Stickers were sent out with wristbands and some will be available in the Relaxed Parade Space on Parade Day.