Tell us about your St. Patrick's Day Celebrations!
Deadline 10th of March

Are you running your own independent event for St. Patrick's Day? We're inviting you to submit details of your events and activities for our online listings page; St. Patrick's Day Celebrations Near You!

We accept individuals and groups from varying backgrounds and locations all around Ireland: Artists, arts organisations, cultural institutions, parades, festivals, producers, promoters, venues, clubs, galleries, bars, restaurants and businesses throughout Dublin, Ireland are invited to submit details of their celebrations, sessions, events and activities.  

Event Guidelines

If you wish to submit your St. Patrick's Day event for our listings page, your event must adhere to the following criteria:

  • The event must be related to St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, or related to a celebration of Irish culture between 16 – 20 March.

  • The event must be an in-person, live event (no online events).

  • The event cannot be directly sponsored by third party organisations of any kind.

  • The event title and information must not make any reference to any alcohol company or brand.

  • The event image cannot contain any third party branded imagery.

  • The event must be appropriate to St. Patrick’s Festival audiences.

  • The event itself cannot have any political affiliation and cannot contain any political messaging.

  • The event must be in keeping with the ethos of St. Patrick’s Festival, as an inclusive celebration of all Irish Culture. 

Please understand that we are a small festival team under enormous time pressure. We will do our absolute best to facilitate as many events as we can, but unfortunately cannot respond to individual inquiries or provide feedback on individual submissions. 

If your event appears on the website, it has been approved. If it doesn't appear on the website within 48 hours of being submitted, it means that your event has not met the submitting criteria and will not be published on our site. 


Think before you submit!

Due to the expected large volumes of submissions, we will be unable to amend details of any event after it has been submitted, so please make sure that all details are 100% correct before submitting.

Please do not submit if you do not meet all of the criteria as your event will not be published.  

Please note that all events submitted must be related to St. Patrick's Festival, St. Patrick's Day celebrations, or a celebration of Irish Culture between the dates 16-20 March.

Any event that does not comply with the ethos of St. Patrick's Festival, as an inclusive celebration of the full spectrum of Irish culture, will not be considered.

Submit now:

If your event complies with the above guidelines, please fill in your details as accurately as possible in the form below.

St. Patrick's Festival reserve the right to refuse publication of any event without explanation and the right to remove any event from the listings without explanation.  

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