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St. Patrick’s Festival aims to offer a programme and service that allows everyone an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the Festival.

St. Patrick’s Festival is happy to provide accommodations, to the best of our ability, to allow individuals with disabilities and additional needs to participate in the Festival’s workforce, services, and activities.

Attending the Parade

We have a number of areas along the Parade route that are reserved for attendees that have additional needs.

This year, St. Patrick's Festival are introducing an inclusive Relaxed Parade Space in College Green in Dublin, tailored to the needs of neurodivergent people and those with sensory processing differences or sensitivities. This space will be wheelchair accessible and have limited capacity to allow freedom of movement.

Please note that applications are now closed for the Relaxed Parade Space.

We have had a huge number of applications for the space, which we have already started to process. The volume of applications for our Relaxed Parade Space has been unprecedented and is a clear sign for the need for greater inclusivity - something that we at St. Patrick's Festival are committed to achieving in the future.

Due to the huge demand for tickets for the Relaxed Parade Space, allocation of access wristbands will be made on the basis of a lottery, taking place on Tuesday 27 February. Successful applicants will be contacted by email on Tuesday 27 February and will be required to confirm attendance by Friday 1 March at 12pm.

Note: Due to the large numbers of applications, any applicant offered tickets in lottery, but who have not confirmed attendance by the above date will unfortunately lose their place in the Relaxed Parade Space.

The Festival will be operating a waiting list for applicants who have not been successful in the selection lottery on Tuesday 27 February, and any unconfirmed tickets will be offered to applicants on the waiting list.

Please note that entry to the Relaxed Parade Space is via wrist band only.

Please Note: Applications for our wheelchair-accessible viewing areas will close on Friday 1st March at 5pm.

We provide wheelchair-accessible viewing areas along the Parade route:

  • One on O’Connell Street
  • One on Westmoreland Street
  • One at St. Patrick's Cathedral

If you, a friend or family member are a wheelchair user, you can come and view the parade in one of our designated wheelchair viewing areas. These areas are prioritised for wheelchair users but can also be used by people who use mobility aids or have limited mobility to give them some more space and comfort, whilst the parade goes by.

Family members can accompany the wheelchair user / person who uses a mobility aid in this designated area.

St. Patrick's Festival want to make our events fully accessible, for all to enjoy. We want to make it possible for disabled young people and adults to make memories at the St. Patrick's Festival.

At the Parade, in addition to the wheelchair portaloo at each of our wheelchair areas, there will be an Accessoloo with a hoist and changing bench made available for use. This will be parked up on D’Olier Street (Fleet St. Junction).

The St. Patrick’s Festival Parade and Festival Quarter, situated in Collins Barracks, are fully wheelchair accessible.

Our One City programme is in partnership with various venues across the city, so you will need to check the individual venue’s accessibility details.

St. Patrick’s Festival welcomes the accompaniment of service animals at the Parade and Festival Quarter.

For events that are part of the One City programme you will need to check with the venue.


Through its experience of dealing with and providing services to a wide range of people with various individual needs, St. Patrick’s Festival has learned, and continues to learn, from its interaction with its customers.

If you are a user of this website or an attendee of any of our events and encounter a difficulty that can be rectified or alleviated by our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

If you have queries or feedback regarding accessibility in any aspect of St. Patrick’s Festival, please get in contact with us.