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City Fusion & Brighter Futures

St. Patrick’s Festival Community Outreach Programme

City Fusion and Brighter Futures are commissioned annually, by St. Patrick’s Festival, to engage with groups and communities, from a variety of backgrounds, to work together alongside professional artists, to create and stage two large scale pageants for the Festival parade.

Every year, the project begins anew with fresh themes, original designs and ambitious plans.  The participants work with a team of professional choreographers and facilitators, taking part in a series of workshops where they are immersed in the creative process, learning skills in performance, theatre, street performance, dance and circus.

Meanwhile in our studios, our creative team of highly skilled professional artists and artistic volunteers are fashioning costumes, shaping props and fabricating floats for over 200 participants who will waltz and swirl their creations down the parade route to a live audience of 500,000.

If you would like to find out more information on these projects please email:

Applications for the 2017 programme are now open. Please email or phone 089 4610805 to register your interest.


City Fusion and Brighter Futures are looking for volunteers with specific skills, who are creative, artistic and interested to work alongside our creative team and learn from industry professionals.
From January-March 2017, volunteers work with a team of highly skilled, professional artists and facilitators at the project base, taking part in the creative process of the making of 2 pageants and learning skills in: design, costume, prop making, make up and float decoration.

Role Descriptions:
Make up Artists that are available two days, a day for a makeup workshop and for parade day.
General Assistants to work with costume and props designers and artists. A fantastic opportunity to be involved in the creative process from conception to completion.
Costume Assistants & Make up Artists  who will work with our artistic team to bring alive the look and feel of the City Fusion and Brighter Futures pageants for the St Patrick’s Day parade
Props Assistants who will work with the prop makers to create large scale props like heads of puppets, constructions and large scale pieces.

Location: Dublin City Centre

Download detailed role specification here.

If you are enthusiastic and committed and want to be part of this highly creative project, please contact for more information.


The Artistic Team

Our team of professional and creative artists includes the project Creative Designer of 6 years Sabine Dargent, an award winning set designer, whose imaginative visions are stitched, soldiered, welded and constructed by a dedicated and seasoned pageant team.

Creative Director, Muirne Bloomer has been directing pageants for St. Patrick’s Festival since 2004, bringing to life Sabine’s imaginings through dance, theatrics and performance. Muirne is a renowned choreographer and has performed with many of Ireland's prominent dance companies, such as Dublin City Ballet, Vienna Ballet Theatre and Coisceim Dance Theatre.


If you have any queries or would like more information on City Fusion or Brighter Futures please contact Rachel on +353 1 604 0090 or

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