Festival Parade

Ireland has a deep rooted connection with this year’s theme, Storytelling. Street theatre and pageant companies, gear up to dazzle with their artistic interpretations of the 2019 theme. Their worldly performances and magnificent creations are set to intertwine seamlessly with Dublin’s streets as the capital poses as a backdrop for the extravaganza.

Irish and International bands will deliver rhythmically captivating musical scores that are sure to echo through the streets of the capital. The Festival Parade is a monumental occasion for Ireland and boasts an unforgettable atmosphere that cannot be missed. The Festival and its procession are on track to charm a record breaking number of attendees this year.

Parade route map available here.

Coming to Dublin to view the St. Patrick's Festival Parade on Sunday 17th March 2019? Why not enjoy the parade from one of our grandstands. Book here.

There are designated areas for wheelchair users and an area for patrons with disabilities or special needs who are not dependent on a wheelchair. Patrons must pre-register for access to these areas here.

You can find a list of all Pageant companies that will future in the 2019 Parade here.

Click here to learn more about the Marching Bands that will perform in this year's Parade.

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