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The Mouth of a Shark

11 March 6.30pm & 12-15 March 8.30pm

Venue: The Complex, 15 Little Green St, Smithfield, Dublin 7

Directed by Oonagh Murphy / Composed by Maeve Stone


Dates: 11 March at 6.30pm, 12-15 March at 8.30pm
Tickets: €16

In an era of borders, walls, travel bans and escalating far-right ideology, The Mouth of a Shark presents the real-life stories of asylum seekers and Irish emigrants - generations of people, historic and current, who left home due to repressive laws, cultural stigma, dwindling opportunities and persecution.

From acclaimed director Oonagh Murphy, featuring stunning original music from composer Maeve Stone, The Mouth of a Shark counterpoints Irish emigration stories with the contemporary experiences of those seeking asylum here in Ireland, asking us all to bear witness to the many reasons we migrate, and question; Where do we get to call home?

A Change of Address & THISISPOPBABY Co-Production

in association with Wicklow Arts Office and supported by CREATE

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