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City on Screen: Notes on Rave in Dublin

Sun 18 March 9pm

Venue: The Complex, 15 Little Green St, Smithfield, Dublin 7

City on Screen - A series of extraordinary film screenings which examine and question our sense of home, quietly and riotously throwing into question our past, present and future. Each one of these cult films will be introduced by one of the key artists involved.

Adam & Paul
: 18 March at 1pm (90 mins)
Seaview: 18 March at 3.30pm (90 mins)
Pathways - Irish Routes to the Art of the Matter: 18 March at 6.30pm
Notes on a Rave in Dublin: 18 March at 9pm


Rabble & Dublin Community TV


Dates: 18 March at 9pm
Tickets: €8

Introduced by legendary DJ and activist Tonie Walsh.

What’s yer name? Where ya from? How many ya on?

Notes On Rave In Dublin is a roller coaster ride through the birth pangs of dance music in our dirty old town. From the democratic romance of those early, loved-up dance floors to how a cold social stratification and commercialisation crept in, leaving it up to a network of outsider labels, pirates and ravers to establish an indigenous scene that we now call our own. This is a story of how an underground works, mutates and survives.

Having premiered at the Audi Dublin International Film Festival to huge acclaim, Notes on a Rave in Dublin is a brilliantly nostalgic look back at 90s Dublin cloaked in a vivid sense of hedonism.

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