NMI: Extinction in Ireland

  • Fri 18 Mar
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    NMI: Extinction in Ireland

    Explore extinct Irish animals at the National Museum of Ireland – Natural History, from the comfort of home!

    In this video for families, you’ll be introduced to the topic of extinction and meet some of the most special museum specimens. This includes the Giant Irish Deer, the hyena, and the wolf, which have more in common than that they all had four legs – they are all extinct in Ireland! This video introduced by museum staff was filmed inside the National Museum of Ireland – Natural History, known as the Dead Zoo. As the museum is currently closed to the public this is a great way to remember and discover some of the most amazing stories about Ireland’s past natural history.


    Do you ever wonder what kinds of ancient animals lived on your doorstep thousands of years ago? Take a look at our Activity Sheets: Ice Age Ireland - Cool Fossils!

    In this Museum activity, we explore Ice Age Ireland, learn about fossils in the Museum's collection and the different kinds of animals that lived here in the past.

    Get creative! Design a set of antlers inspired by the Giant Irish Deer fossil skeletons on display in the Irish Room at the National Museum of Ireland - Natural History.

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