Dark Horse on the Wind

  • Wed 16 Mar
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    Dark Horse on the Wind

    A look back at the life and songs of the late Traditional Ballad Singer Liam Weldon, pulling focus on a legendary character that Ireland almost forgot.

    A strong advocate for aural tradition and notoriously wary of self promotion, Liam Weldon left little behind in the way of recordings but his legacy is more alive today than ever, flourishing in a new generation of folk singers.

    Recently discovered archive footage, stories from family, friends and admirers, performances from Damien Dempsey, Radie Peat [Lankum], Lisa O'Neill and many more, form the narrative of this deeply insightful investigation which pulls focus on a legendary character that Ireland almost forgot, were it not for the vast footprint his songs and lyrics have left behind in the consciousness of the Irish diaspora.

    • Myles O'Reilly

      Myles O’Reilly is a musician, composer and filmmaker from Dublin, Ireland.

      Since first lifting a camera in 2010, multi tasking O’Reilly has filmed, directed and edited over 100 online music video promo’s and short films of Irish musicians at home and abroad, some of which include Glen Hansard, Villagers, Imelda May, Lisa O’Neill, Ye Vagabonds, Sinead O’Connor and Lisa Hannigan alongside other International artists such as Hollywood sound track virtuoso Ernst Reijseger, Icelandic artists Soléy, Múm and Amiina, US soul phenomenon Janelle Monea and UK folk trio The Staves.

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