Cumann na Saoirse & Jennie Wyse Power

  • Wed 16 Mar
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    Cumann na Saoirse & Jennie Wyse Power

    A discussion on the foundation of Cumann na Saoirse and one of its founders -

    Jennie Wyse Power

    On 13 March 1922, Cumann na Saoirse had its inaugural meeting.

    Formed of those who supported the establishment of the Irish Free State., the meeting in the Mansion House was presided over by Jennie Wyse Power.

    Mná100 have partnered with St Patrick’s Festival SPTV and Ali Morris, author of Active Citizen: The Public Affairs Career of Jennie Wyse Power, who will share her expertise and new insights on the contribution of Jennie Wyse Power by taking us on a walk through the historic Mansion House one hundred years on.

    • Mná100

      www.mná – an initiative of the Decade of Centenaries commemorative programme to document women in our history, particularly their contribution during the Irish Revolutionary period, 1912-1923.  

      One of the great legacies of the Decade of Centenaries is a richer understanding and appreciation for the important role of women in shaping our journey towards independence and self-determination.  As we navigate through the most complex and sensitive period of commemoration, which includes the centenaries of Partition, the Civil War, and the Foundation of the State, I want to ensure that this important work continues.  

      My objective is to highlight the experiences and influence of the women who lived during this period of immense change.  Some are well known and have contributed significantly to Irish political life and public service. The voices of others have never before been heard or have long since been forgotten.  I am delighted that they are now taking their rightful place in our history.

      It must be acknowledged too that women suffered loss and violence during this period.  The State’s role is to set a measured, inclusive and sensitive tone; to faithfully present our history, even when the historical record is distressing.  

      New research, scholarship and archival discoveries have enhanced our understanding.  www.mná will showcase new collaborative initiatives to shine a light on women’s participation in political, military, professional, and domestic roles, including stories and material previously not accessible to the public or widely known.

      As we reflect, a century later, we know that these women of our past looked to a future when women would take on the world as equal partners.  I am very grateful to all of our partners, who have contributed so generously to make this material engaging and accessible for new audiences.  

      Catherine Martin T.D.
      Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media