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    BÁS explores new approaches to death in Ireland

    Athbheochan (Rebirth) is a radio show about a new Celtic revival, curated by Irish rapper and artist Blue Niall

    Looking at the explosion of new Irish artforms utilising Irish accents, Irish language, samples of Irish music and colloquilisms, along with the renewal of interest in Celtic and pre-Celtic cultures, practices and aesthetics in Ireland and beyond.

    This episode is called Bás and explores new approaches to death in ireland

    It features an interview with Tanya Bryan, Death Doula,

    Click here to listen to the full episode including a playlist from Peter Donnellan of Also Studio

    • Tanya Bryan

      Tanya Bryan is a Transpersonal Psychospiritual therapist
      and passionate planner & coordinator of
      A Time To Gather.

      About her journey so far, she had this to say:

      Grief and Praise are intrinsic to my acknowledgment of this human existence, for all things immeasurable, seen and unseen. Two key things are required for me to engage, weep and laugh. This is how I connect to the beauty of it ALL. Through my own personal process work I began to use the art-form of Lament to release the narrative of trauma and disconnection. This skill was made available to me when I connected to GOD/Spirit/The Web of Life in an expanded state experience. Over fours years of deep self process work (suspended my psychotherapeutic practice) I developed a system of integration support that I now can share with others (fully accredited-licensed). I reshaped my therapeutic approach and am passionate about supporting people to re-connect with their own true nature and to come to terms with their limitations. This includes preparing for the end of life (practical and emotional process), managing crisis, integrating life shocks and questioning all that is.

      Tanya considers herself an Apprentice Death Doula, and has recently set up the social enterprise Keepstones

    • Peter Donnellan

      Peter Donnellan is a designer and maker based between Dublin and London. He has a BA in Sculpture from NCAD and a masters in Contextual Design from Design Academy Eindhoven. In 2018 he founded Also Studio, and he currently works as a Service Designer for the UK Ministry of Justice.

    • Blue Niall

      Blue Niall is a rapper, music producer, artist and designer based in Dublin.

      He released his debut EP Blue Summer in 2019, which was featured by DUMMY Magazine, District Magazine, Nialler9 and Soul Doubt Magazine. He was booked for shows in London’s Moth Club, and in Dublin in the Bernard Shaw, Bello Bar, the Workman’s Club, and other venues – appearing on bills with acts like Gemma Dunleavy, Mango X Mathman and Nuxsense.

      Since then, Niall has been been honing his sound and moving towards a style more influenced by the trad music he grew up around, blended with modern trap, grime, hip hop, and club music, and also rapping partially as Gaeilge. He has released radio shows on Dublin Digital Radio and performed live on the Wriggle show on RTÉ Pulse FM.

      His new project Oisín is focused on the experience of a returning emigrant to Ireland, and involves a retelling of the legend of Tír na nÓg.

      Alongside his music, Niall continues to work on his design practice, recently co-founding Project UnBound, a partnership for systemic change in Ireland.


      Athbheochan credits

      Artwork featured:

      • Bozouki by Anton • Baileys bottle by scrampunk • Ireland digital elevation by Marissa Dudek • Dunguaire Castle, Kinvara by JackMGlauser • Basalt columns, Northern Ireland by Sara Carena • Irish deer fossil by Uninspirational • Submarine fan outcrop by MartinNF • Cliffs of Moher by Sara Carena • Traditional irish cottage by The Hunt Museum • The Hollybrook harp by The Historical Harp Society of Ireland • Tall irish pub stool by PConolly • Rumi the Irish Setter by Chaitanya Krishnan • Cork corner shop by Lost Gecko • NMI Carolan harp by Simon Chadwick • Irish pub by micahlavigne • Navan prehistoric complex by Mark Walters • Irish elk skull by Virtual Curation Lab • The Oval, Cork pub by Lost Gecko • Cork shop 1 by Lost Gecko • Irish Italian parade vegetables by elaughli • Nendrum monastic site by Centre for GIS & Geomatics. • Irish elk Minecraft by VeganNatureQueen • [April fools] Irish the hedgehog by Spex130 • Irish Magister M14a plane by chefkay • Glacial erratic by MCG 3D • Balor by Padraig Daly • Metapelite, Ireland by Sara Carena • Sharp rock 1.0 by eoghanhennessy • Irish sword by Mornathel • Giants causeway wall by Sircher • Letterkenny Ireland – Cathedral 2 by jurandm • Dunluce Castle by droneuser • Letterkenny Ireland – Cathedral 4 by jurandm • Newgrange Passage Tomb, Co Meath by Shadows and Stone • Balinese statue, Donegal, Ireland by rafapages • Neolithic tomb at Cleggan by Dan Diffendale • Fiat Apoc by Fully Croisened • The Script Art by Jamesobrien (Vadim Ignatiev) • A hospitable home in old Ireland, 1902 by Patrick • Letterkenny – Ireland, Gortlee 1 by jurandm • Fantasy Ireland by sirkitree • Irish telephone box by Gary Dempsey • Caltrava bridge b y Steven Samuel • Pelitic schist by Sara Carena • 3D model of Malahide Castle by omnidirectional • Octagon – Glen of Downs, Wicklow, Ireland by Stephen Butler • Seafield grotto, Youghal, Ireland by Eachtra Archaeological Projects • Aviva Stadium by S.Gandini • 3D Model of Trim Castle by omnidirectional • Pumpkin by noe-3d.at • Liam Mellows statues Eyre Square by galway3d • Ringsend street art October 21 by afapages • Irish Cottage spiral SC model by JOSH D • Rí Rá Irish pub by Andrew Sink • Tree sculpture St Annes by rafapages • National Museum of Ireland Burmese buddhas by ofiarudi • 12th century baptismal font by Traditional Boats of Ireland • Pulla famine burial ground, Waterford. By Eachtra Archaeological Projects • Irish memorial at city hall by wmacphail • Paint – free by markurion • Sea Urchin by KAROLINA • NMI Fitzgerald–Kildare harp by Harpress Barbara Karlik • Daimler-Guinnes Armoured Lorry by jpo1703 • Dan Ailing Glass Bead by zenobiewan • Patrick Kavanagh statue in Dublin by rafapages • Kilcoolaght East VI by oghamin3d • PB1 by mindbird • Rathduff I Ogham Stone by oghamin3d • Killamery Cross inscribed slab by Kilkenny3D • Late Bronze Age, Yetholm Shield by The Hunt Museum • St Ferghals National School scan 1 by HELLO FUTURE WORLD • James Joyce’s Death Mask by Maggs Bros. Rare Books and Manuscripts • Possible Ogham by Gary Dempsey • Killamery High Cross by Kilkenny3D • Carved Head – 19th C South Tipperary by IrishFolkArt • Ballinacarraig Stone Head by Carlow3D • Ritual hare mask by Virtual Museums of Małopolska • Royal Mask by Virtual Museums of Małopolska • Manille Commodity Money by Virtual Museums of Małopolska

      • In-Gall ring amulet by Virtual Museums of Małopolska • Headrest by Virtual Museums of Małopolska • Figura Humana Feminina by Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Chile • Balafon a musical instrument by Virtual Museums of Małopolska • Stone figure Nomoli by Virtual Museums of Małopolska • Ireland by Space XR Academy • Willie Redmond Bust by 1manscan • St Patrick Dude 001 by Jimmy Gunawan • St Patrick Hat by Wah Marco • Sheep by CamestrosFelapton • Sheep by imrobot • Potato by Moshe Caine • Simple potato by Blender3D • Sprouted potato by Semblance

      Produced and presented by Blue Niall


      Tanya Bryan

      Ola Majekodunmi

      Celaviedmai & Bekah Molony

      Seán Ó Muirgheasa

      Emmet Walsh

      Dr. Alex Tierney

      Fionn Kidney

      Playlist Curators:

      Peter Donnellan

      Toké O’Drift

      Little O


      Celaviedmai & Bekah Molony

      Ola Majekodunmi

      Emmet Walsh