Tadgh Byrne's Modern Irish Food Tour

  • Thu 17 Mar
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    Tadgh Byrne's Modern Irish Food Tour

    Chef and food writer Tadgh Byrne has created an alternative list of foods and dishes to try when visiting Ireland, asking the question, What is Modern Irish Cuisine?

    Tadgh Byrne looks at some of modern Ireland's favourite conveniences such as sausage rolls and spice bags as well showcasing the Islands sustainable seafood and growing list of Michelin star restaurants.

    Rather than listing traditional foods like bacon and cabbage and Irish Stew, which are now widely known, the list focuses on what the younger generation are eating in Ireland and seeks to answer the question, What is Modern Irish Cuisine?

    In recent years Ireland has been embracing food trends and cuisines from all over the world, whilst at the same time rediscovering its food history and amazing produce.

    There is a whole generation of chefs bringing new ideas to the dinner table, all of which makes Ireland now a top food destination.

    The footage was shot over one day in Dublin but the foods listed can be found and enjoyed in most parts of the country!

    Produced by Tadgh Byrne

    Filmed by Max Barry and Tiernan O'Rourke, Cling Films

    Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival 2022