Under New Management

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Under New Management


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The aliens have had enough. The people of the planet Earth have had enough time to get the management of the planet right and since the aliens were last here building the pyramids, things have deteriorated. Well, it is time for an otherworldly intervention!

The new Galactic Governor has decided to arrive and take power on the 17th of March accompanied by the administrator's security and a public relations team. They have also enlisted friendly humans to help ease the transition to direct Galactic rule. And just in case there is any resistance, a fleet of Spaceships is in Orbit.​


Section 1:​

The arrival of the aliens sparks an International press furore! Camera crews with their anchor-men and women interview protestors both for and against our new alien overloads.​

 ​Section 2:​

The Intergalactic visitors arrive in their space ships, here to clear the way for the new Galactic Governor. Each ship is operated by an alien actively surveying the scene with a watchful eye.​

 ​Section 3:​

A contingent of aliens celebrate with a 3-meter globe. The Governor’s PR representatives, these friendly (we hope!) aliens are here to promote the new administration and actively welcome interactions with humans.​

 ​Section 4:​

The new Galactic Governor is here to oversee the new regime. An impressive creature at over 4 metres high with an otherworldly luminous green glow, he welcomes you all to this new future.

  • About Spraoi

    This is Spraoi’s 25th year at the SPF Parade!​

    Formed in 1993, Spraoi began as a one-day event on the streets of Waterford.  From those modest beginnings, Spraoi has emerged as one of Ireland’s leading street theatre companies, known for the annual Spraoi Festival and Parade in Waterford over the August bank holiday weekend. It has hosted the best of National and International Street Art and Spectacle and has become a firm favourite amongst artists and audiences alike.​


    Design Team: Michael Leahy, Clare Horgan, Nicholas Kavanagh, Sean O Sullivan, Graham Phelan, Anthony O Brien, Magda Karol​

    Costume Design: Clare Horgan​

    Performance Director: Nicholas Kavanagh ​
    Casting Coordinator: Shauna Farrell ​
    Musical Director: Rob O Connor ​
    Choreography: Ali Reville​

    Team Management& Logistics: Niamh Colbert & Kathleen Marchelewska​