Strange Creatures

Strange Creatures

Inishowen Carnival 


Strange Creatures is inspired by the diversity on planet earth, the weird and wonderful creatures that emerge from the undergrowth, evolving in response to the challenges and bounties of their own particular environment. One freak natural event, one chance mutation, leads to the evolution of some unique and unusual lifeforms. In homage to the weirdness, wonderfulness and endless possibilities of Planet Earth, Inishowen Carnival have created some exotic creatures of their own, fierce and furry, winged, spiky and gnarly, evolved on some fictitious undiscovered island on a planet bursting with uniqueness and life. 

The parade is split into 3 main sections each featuring a large creature prop and a group of dancers and performers.​

 ​The first section features 20 foliage dancers from Aislingí Dance Academy from Ballybofey in beautiful multicoloured batik fabric costumes. Behind them a HUGE GREEN FURRY LUMP of a creature emerges from the undergrowth, sort of cuddly but sort of fierce, it’s hard to tell.​

 ​The second section features 50 students from Carndonagh Community School Transition Year and 20 American exchange students who are currently staying in Inishowen. Dressed in purple and blue batik costumes the students create a garishly exotic forest. Some perform a choreographed dance routine and some carry large purple pink fronds and strange looking plants. Among them wander some strange looking creatures and above them towers a huge PINK ANTEATER LIKE CREATURE with big mouse like ears. With blue spikes along its spine from head to tail, a green coiled tongue and club like claws, the creature is a sight to behold.​

The third and final section features dancers from Letterkenny based “Fusion Events” in striking red and blue batik foliage costumes. Behind them a BIG BLUE POT BELLIED DINO BIRD CREATURE looms with orange fans protruding from its head and gnarly wings that don’t really look like they could lift this monster into the skies.​


Inishowen Carnival is based in Donegal not far from Malin Head, the most northerly part of Ireland.