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Forget about Thin Lizzy or the Horslips, there’s a new band in town!

Sham-Rock is a gang of make-shift glam rockers from the village of Ballyhooley. The band was formed when ninety-two year old granny, Bridie O’Reilly, answered an advert in the Ballyhooley People looking for a Lead Singer.

Bridie is now officially “Ireland’s oldest glam-rocker”! Her motto is: “You’re never too old to ROCK and ROLL!”.

On lead guitar, we have the village undertaker, Max Morbid. Max has postponed all funerals for the day and swapped his funeral attire for a lovely, purple, faux leopard-print suit made by his Mammy, especially for the big day out. 

On drums we have the local mechanic, Miles Whelan. Miles is after sticking a set of wheels on his drum kit—there will be no stopping him now and if you look closely, he even has a set of furry dice on his rig. 

On the keytar we have Betty Gossip, journalist with the Ballyhooley Inquirer. What Betty knows, she knows, and what she doesn’t know is not worth knowing. 

And pushing Granny O’Reilly and her massive amplifier are sworn enemies  Paddy Chainey, the former Mayor of Ballyhooley, and Paddy Smiley, the present Mayor of Ballyhooley. They have put aside their differences for the day for the greater good of the village. 

  • About Curious State

    Curious State are experts in creative intervention, taking to the stage and street with quirky theatre and music for all the family, reclaiming public spaces with captivating antics and laughter. Curious State is a Waterford-based theatre and street spectacle company.

    Created and directed by Nicholas Kavanagh. Sound design by Rob O’Connor.  Costumes and imagery by Curious State. Performers John Power, Robert Power, Electra Grant, Al Power, Nicholas Kavanagh and Bob Browne