A Future That Moves Us

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A Future That Moves Us

Bui Bolg Outdoor Arts​

Supported by Kia Ireland


Let Bui Bolg take you into the near future as they explore the equilibrium between nature and humans, and the hope we hold for harmony and balance on this planet.​

Thematically conjuring the future of creativity, nature, the oceans and a hope for a world where we all thrive together alongside one another.

Section 1:

A Future with Creativity invites you to watch out for the Giant QR code as we play with the idea of creativity and future technologies, embracing a world where human and electronic minds meet in the next generation.​

We have a surprise for you! Point your phone at the Giant QR code and see what secret surprise we’ve added into to the float for you! For the first time in the St Patrick’s Day Parade’s history a pageant company have brought in the use of Augmented Reality technology into the Parade, only available when viewed through a mobile device.​

Section 2:

A Future with Nature Imagines what Dublin might look like if our landmark spaces became entwined with nature, such as the Daniel O'Connell Statue you see here. We dream of a world where nature and the city live together side by side as one, breathing life into each other.    ​

Dublin’s iconic Daniel O’Connell Statue, which lives in the centre of O’Connell Street has been transformed into a living monument teeming with plants and flowers, featuring real live performers as 'bronze statues' still one moment, animated the next, bringing the element of surprise.​

 We invite you to get inspired by this idea and protect the natural environment that surrounds us daily.​

Section 3:

A Future with Oceans sees a Techno Shark inspired by robotic waste sharks that clean plastic from our oceans. This giant shark float reflects the fragility of this environment and how human innovation is creating solutions to save our oceans.​

​This shark and coral piece are a play on the importance of both as key elements of sustaining life in the oceans.​


Kia is currently in a global partnership deal with The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization that develops and scales technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Kia have made a commitment to have 20% of all vehicle plastic requirements sourced from recycled ocean plastic by 2030.