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Festival Parade

The Pageants


Have a look below at the pageant companies that featured in the 2019 Festival Parade.



Artastic - Forests of Fadó, Fadó

County: Kildare

Many great stories start a long, long time ago, at the twilight zone between our imagination and history. The scene is set in a forest that seems too amazing to be true yet at the same time somewhat vaguely familiar. Then the magic of storytelling happens, where ordinary words, placed poetically can transform our awareness from comprehension to imagination. A place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

A Forest full of the most magical creatures, flowers, animals as everything comes alive ...the trees whisper, dancing flowers in unison, fairies dally with butterflies and skies are filled with colourful clouds reflecting calm ponds where swans  & a variety of animals gather.

Artastic is a street spectacle company based in Kildare, under the artistic direction of Vijaya Bateson and Caitriona McGowan. Artastic was founded in 2003 by Vijaya Bateson.

Dowtcha Puppets - Pareidolia

County: Cork

Pareidolia is about what we see in everyday life and how everything can be twisted to create an alternative world, the flip side of life.  In storytelling, we regularly see how our legends, heroes, monsters and magical creatures come from the everyday things such as clouds, seaweed , vegetables, flames and plants.

The aim is to re-imagine the heroes and villains of ancient Irish stories outside of the popular myths as we discover the Giant Fomorian monsters as they emerge from seaweed, Fir Bolg from Tree seeds and De Dannan from insects and hedgerow life.

Set up in 2002 by Cliff Dolliver and Mick Lynch, Dowtcha are Cork’s puppet and street theatre specialists.  They develop and present original, high-quality puppet shows, visual theatre and workshops.

Inishowen Carnival Group - The Children of the Sun

County:  Donegal

A story inspired by the many ancient wonders of the world from Egyptian pyramids, obelisks and hieroglyphs, Nasca lines, Sumerian, Mayan and Aztec architecture to name but a few, often attributing their creation to star travelling visitors from other worlds.

This pageant weaves a fantastically outlandish story of the “Children of the Sun” a star travelling people who have roamed the universe for millenia, collecting and sharing knowledge, contributing to great architecture, stories and art.  Is it possible these star travellers visited Ireland leaving behind some knowledge of the stars etched as rock art across the country?

Inishowen Carnival Group is celebrating 26 years of carnival activity and has been taking part in the Dublin Parade for 22 of those years. The company is based near Malin Head on the beautiful Inishowen peninsula on the northern coast of Donegal.

Spraoi - 'Here be Monsters'

County: Waterford

On medieval maps it was believed that the phrase 'Here be Monsters' was used to describe areas of the Seas that were unknown. Here is where strange sea creatures and monsters had been encountered. These Stories of course grew legs where whales doubled in size where giant Squid became The Kracken and sea turtles became islands. What once were thought legendary leviathans of the deep  will be brought to life onto the streets of Dublin.

Spraoi, a Waterford based company, has become a familiar presence in the Dublin Parade with 2018 parade marking their 22nd appearance! Founded in 1993, the company is regularly commissioned by festivals and events to produce large street spectacle shows. The company also produce the now famous annual Spraoi Festival, held over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Buí Bolg - Wild Folk

County: Wexford

Music is one of the earliest and most enchanting forms of storytelling. Since the dawn of mankind, music has provided the soundtrack to personal, powerful and even life changing experiences. Highlighting the cultural significance of music in Ireland, instruments weave their way through the streets of Dublin. A giant Fiddle, Drum and Harp play music to the awaiting crowd while characters dance and sway, becoming the living embodiment of the music.

Established in Wexford in 1994, Buí Bolg is a team of skilled visual artists, engineers, performers and designers led by Artistic Director Colm Lowney. As an outdoor arts production company Buí Bolg transforms and re-imagines spaces through spectacular installations, large scale community events and street art performances which turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

SPF & Walk the Plank - What a Wonderful World

County: Dublin and Manchester


International artistic collaboration with St. Patrick's Festival

As the sun burns hotter and ice caps melt, the seas rise to threaten our wildlife: the Polar Bear stands on a shrinking Arctic iceberg, while the Bengal Tiger bears witness to the flooding which jeopardises fragile communities in delta regions around the globe.  Walk the Plank (UK), with No Eyed Theatre (UK), bring together a striking commentary on the impact of climate change, designed by Candida Boyes and originally commissioned for Manchester Day 2018. Dancers and puppeteers represent the oceans, the ice and the birds of the North and South Pole. Walk the Plank are one of the UK’s leading outdoor arts organisations, and this is the company’s first visit to St Patrick’s Festival.


This new pageant will see a range of Dublin based community groups from Ireland, Brazil, Lithuania, Philippines, Bolivia, Peru, China & India collaborate with artists from Dublin & the UK as we aim to create a bespoke community pageant for 2019.

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