Ireland's Young Filmmakers 1

Five special 15-minute film collections showcasing the best short films made by Ireland’s young filmmakers.

Guidance: Aged 11+

Ireland's Young Filmmakers Programme 1:


Clare Youth Action (2012)
A short film about the issue of plastics in our oceans and the impact that they have on wildlife.


Tommy Flavin & Kevin O’Regan, Ted’s Beard Productions (2012)
A young working woman’s surreal adventure as she tries to find an important file.

Bog standard

Pure Wicked Animation, Paper Panthers (2014)
While breaking ground on a new landfill, something ancient is awoken and wants revenge!

Over the past 25 years the Fresh International Film Festival has celebrated and recognised the best films made by young people from Ireland and around the world.

These five specially commissioned film programmes showcase the best in young filmmaking talent in Ireland. The screenings offer the viewer a chance to glimpse the world as seen and imagined by young people.

Fresh Film is dedicated to encouraging young people to make films and empowering them as young artists

Fresh Film is a national organisation for children and young people who are interested in film as makers and viewers. In 1997 Fresh was established as the educational element of the Limerick Film Festival, since then it has grown into an established young people’s film organisation with year long activities.

The programme is dedicated to encouraging young filmmakers though screenings, workshops, travel opportunities and in-class projects designed for children and young people aged 7 – 18.

In 2021 Fresh will celebrate its 25th annual Fresh International Film Festival and will host the Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year awards.

Fresh Film has taken care in programming these collections of films made by 7 -18-year-old filmmakers. The collections reflect topics that are educational, interesting, and important to children & young people. We hope that you enjoy watching them.
As we do not know your children & young people, we advise parents and guardians to preview the films before watching with younger children and to watch them together.

Fresh Film is dedicated to encouraging young people to make films and empowering them as young artists and is supported by Limerick City and County Council and The Arts Council.