A “Snakey” Paradise Cabaret Special

  • Wed 16 Mar
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    8:00 pm
    Over 18s
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    Please note that this is a seated event and is subject to limited capacity. Admission is on a first come, first served basis.
    • Free, Unticketed

    A “Snakey” Paradise Cabaret Special

    A “Snakey” Paradise Cabaret Special of comedy, circus, dance and music with the funniest weirdos and queerdos around.


    A whirlwind journey into a comically absurd, skillfully slick and ridiculously entertaining Cabaret.

    It's time to ditch the old Gods and embrace the cultural revolution of colour, carnival and chaos. Where frivolous entertainment meets serious culture and we blur the lines, blur the vision and refocus on a more fantastical and art filled future.

    Paradise Cabaret is built on a community of artists, performers, designers, creatives, all with the same thrill-seeking mission and fabulous commitment to performance, vibe and fun-fueled debauchery... welcome to the family!

    Hosted by the pompous and pretentious Cian Austin Jesus.

    Featuring: Brian the Magic Man, as seen in Blackpool & Vegas. Stand up from Leonie Pony... part time builder full time tit. Tom the Clay Head Campbell, gifted and dysfunctional (as seen on Britain's Got Talent). Headonbody the dancing absurdist genius. The Wild Geeze, vulgar, funny and almost naked. The Dirtbird, co-creator of the queer spectacular of madness SPICEBAG. Gaeilgeoir, nordy, queerdo rapping Cara Park. And the Gas Patter of Avoca Reaction, Ireland's premier non-binary drag entity.

    And of course our chorus line of the Ping Pong Girls, dish out choreography and sassy glamour.....pull up to the bumper baby and take a ride.