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Port Walks

12:00 PM, Thu, 15 Mar

Venue: Everywhere
Time: All Day
Tickets: Free Event

Please note that this is an All Day event and it’s a downloadable audio tour.

Commissioned by Dublin Port as part of the Port Perspectives program of site-specific project public artworks, Port Walks is an audio podcast walking tour by artist Sheelagh Broderick. The walking tour connects local Dublin Port recreational walkers with Seafarers who come into Dublin Port each day.  The Great South Wall at the entrance to Dublin Port is a jetty extending 2km into Dublin Bay. Ships entering Dublin Port pass very closely by the wall. Walkers there can feel the vibrations of the ships as they move past, but although the distance is small, the gap appears unbridgeable.

This unique series of audio podcasts is engaging and enlightening in equal measure and provides a fascinating insight into how containers transformed and shaped not only shipping and seafaring but also global trade, production and consumption, ships as homes away from homes for seafarers who try to stay close to family and loved ones while away at sea and the many factors shaping the shipping industry now and how they point towards autonomous ships as the next innovation.

Walkers on the Great South Wall and around Dublin Bay are invited to Download, Walk & Listen via | iTunes | Stitcher | Soundcloud.

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