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PATHWAYS: Irish Routes to the Art of the Matter

5:58 PM, Thu, 8 Mar

Venue: Streamed through the Festival's Facebook and YouTube channels

St. Patrick’s Festival Artistic Commission 2018

Filmed in Dublin, Kerry, Belfast, London, Malmo, New York and Los Angeles.

The amount of great writers, actors and artists Ireland has produced is disproportionate to its size and population. We have an unassailable reputation in this regard. The innate triggers that
beget all this creativity are the starting point for this series of interviews with leading practitioners in their field. By tracing different artistic journeys back to their roots we hope to uncover some home truths about where and when the seeds were sown. The experiences shared by our featured contributors show how different these routes can be. The common thread is that they all began here. Where they ended up and every step taken in between is equally fascinating.

All of our chosen contributors either live or work primarily abroad. The personal stories of eminent storytellers are of great value. There are lessons to be learned. The pathways are manifold.

Annie Mac, Broadcaster
Aoife McArdle, Film-maker
Brian Cross, Photographer & Film-maker
Brian Ormond, Sculptor
Enda Walsh, Playwright
Eva Rothschild, Visual Artist
Fiona Shaw, Actor
Richard Gilligan, Photographer
Richie Egan aka Jape, Musician
Sean Curran, Choreographer


A Donal Dineen Film
Directed by Steve O’Connor
Soundtrack by Richie Egan
A St. Patrick’s Festival Commission.

Pathways: Irish Routes to the Art of the Matter is now available on the Festival’s YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter.

Pathways: Irish Routes to the Art of the Matter will take place in London as part of an International Exchange Programme. In partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade,  the film will be screened worldwide with the Embassy network at the time of the Festival and throughout 2018.

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