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Festival Events

Me & the City - Visual Art Workshops

11:30 AM, Mon, 19 Mar

Venue: The Ark, Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Tickets:€11.50/€8.50 per child via
Times: 11.30am & 2pm

Spectacular Street Art (Ages 5-7)
Spies, Towers & Imaginative Structures (Ages 8-12)

Get creative with two fun and practical visual arts workshops, Spectacular Street Art and Spies, Towers & Imaginative Structures hosted by artist Jole Bortoli where children can discover the colours and textures of the city and how architects and artists create the iconic buildings, sculptures and street art within it. At the beginning of each workshop, Children will explore the creation and planning of cities through displays including architectural drawings, sketchbooks, photographs and 3D models.

Dublin is full of colourful murals. Have you seen any? On the side of many buildings you can spot skilfully done large-scale paintings. Some depict realistic subjects and some are abstract designs. What subject would you paint if you had the choice? What would passers-by see that would catch their interest and perhaps take a photo? Come with your ideas and paint one!

Dublin has the Spire, Paris the Eiffel Tower and New York has the Statue of Liberty but perhaps you would like to design and make a new landmark monument or structure for your city today. Would that be a new bridge across the Liffey? An imaginative tower or a play-structure for a square of park? In this workshop you will create an original avant-garde structure using a wide variety of materials and textures.

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