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Festival Events

Leprechauns and Mouros – Irish and Spanish Legends

6:30 PM, Thu, 16 Mar

Venue: Instituto Cervantes Café, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2


Doors 6pm / Start 6.30pm

This storytelling session, with bard Richard Marsh, will reveal a universe of gods, spirits and fantastic creatures that inhabit Ireland and Spain. As part of a fascinating series of Irish-International events, discover Ireland through the eyes of the Basque ship Captain Bartolomeo, the arrival of Celtic people from the Iberian Peninsula and other charming stories connecting Spanish and Irish folklore. 

Richard, a member of the Dublin storytelling group the Dublin Yarnspinners, explores the Spanish connection by sharing stories of the Galician Saint Patrick, who also evicted snakes from Galicia, fantastical beings such as Mouros, Leprechauns, the Urco and the Púca.

This storytelling session will be in English and is family friendly, suitable for ages 6+.

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