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Drive by Shooting

7:00 PM, Sun, 18 Mar


Festival organisers have advised that due to adverse weather conditions the Drive By Shooting event scheduled to run from 7pm-10pm today in Barnardo Square will not take place. People are advised to check the Festival website and social media for updates on other Festival events scheduled to take place today.

Time: Running from 7pm - 10pm
Duration: 10mins

Drive by Shooting, written and directed by John McIlduff, with a huge soundtrack composed by Brian Irvine, is a 10 minute looped graffiti style, animated opera video projection, designed to be projected as a life size image on walls in an urban context.

The synced soundtrack is broadcast through dedicated headphones to the audience making the experience at once both communal but with an intimate listening experience.

As with much opera it’s a story of passion and revenge, but this one plays out an age-old scene of betrayal and revenge on a grimy city street, as two octogenarians on zimmer frames stage a hit on a cheating husband.

An old woman has discovered that her husband of 60 years has been having an affair with the next door neighbour and chases after him to “Shoot the fecker in the pecker” which is Dublinspeak for shoot the very bad man where it hurts the most. The woman’s friend tries to stop her but is won over by a simple argument: she will be better taken care of in prison than on her pitiful pension!
Conceived and created by Brian Irvine and John McIlduff.
Commissioned by Ruairí Ó’Cuiv at Dublin City Council.

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