VIDEO: Imagine If - part one

Thu Feb, 2016
VIDEO: Imagine If - part one

Imagine If…superhero St. Patrick came back to get rid of the snakes again, we could all go to space and everyone had a home! Anything is possible in this year’s Festival Parade which is inspired by the imaginations of the youth of Ireland as they look to the future .....the next 100 years. A series of creative workshops have taken place with young people around Ireland, to discuss their views on future Ireland. Ireland’s leading pageant companies have responded artistically and will bring these thoughts and ideas to life through spectacular pageantry and performance during the Festival parade.

For a sneak preview of what may unfold on the streets of Dublin on March 17th see snippets from the creative workshops here…. Imagine If

St. Patrick’s Festival is proud to be an official programme partner of Ireland 2016.

Filmmaker: Wissame Cherfi

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