Calling all the knitters out there!

Fri Feb, 2013


Hi there from City Fusion and Brighter Futures!

We are a department within the St. Patrick’s Festival team which produce two in house pageants for the parade each year. The theme of the parade this year is “great things happen when we are together” and we are in the process of designing and creating our two parades. One is called ‘Brighter Futures’ which comprises of 95 teenagers and young adults and the other is called ‘City Fusion’ which is made up of 120 adults. All of our participants come from different cultural backgrounds which participate in several groups across Dublin. This makes for a really unique and exciting project keenly focusing on fusion and integration between cultural minorities. Currently our groups are learning choreography for the parade while our small costume and props team work on the overall image of the pageants by making all of our costumes, props and three floats from scratch.

The Brighter Futures pageant is focusing on superheroes this year, illustrating the notion that we must accept ourselves as we are, both strengths and weaknesses and to celebrate that when joined together as a super strong team! It is quite a funny and modern pageant with lots of bright colours with modern textured fabrics.

Megamindful is one of the headline characters of the pageant and is a wild, hippy-like superhero. There are three teenagers and one adult who have taken on the task of walking in Megaminful’s shoes on parade day. The teenagers will be wearing “normal” sized costumes and the adult costume will be significantly larger which are made up mainly by large knitted capes. Normal sized capes will be 1.5m approx and the adult sized cape will be 2.2m approx.

Our goal is to create these capes by sewing together a series of patches of knitting. Patches can be 15cm in width by 40cm in length. We are looking for all types of contributions from professional knitters to first time knitters. Stitching style can vary but we are keen to have as much Aran-style patches as possible.

We will provide the wool and we need you to provide your skills! If you are interested please contact Any amount of time or effort you can offer will be greatly appreciated. If you wish to just make a small contribution, we will be hosting a knitting afternoon on March 2nd from 10-2pm in our studio on South Circular Road.


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