SFI Workshops (Festival Village)

Planet Science Kidz

Slime Labs will introduce Children to Chemistry & Polymers through hands on experiments that include green slime.Kids can look forward to Slime Monsters, Giant Slime bubbles, Slime falls. This lab is the ultimate creation lab for gooey, oozy slime. We will also be exploring Test tube Science and Coke Geysers. Definitely one hands on Lab Session not to be missed!

Facilitator Bio: Planet Science Kidz is an Irish owned Children’s Science Club founded by Dr. Lucretia Hardiman. Lucretia has a Ph.D in Biochemistry from the School of Natural Sciences in the National University of Ireland Galway and a BSc (Hons.) degree in Pharmacology from University College Dublin. Dr. Hardiman is passionate about bringing awareness and communicating STEM topics at the primary level. Her goal is to ignite curiosity in children and empower a future generation of young Scientists who always Question and always WONDER.


Junior Einsteins

Junior Einsteins Forensic Crime scene Workshop : ( not too scary for younger groups!) We set up a crime scene and children play deceive to find our who the culprit is. Fingerprinting, black lights, teeth moldings and shoe rubbings are great fun in this very hands on session. Creating curiosity about the science behind the crime. A classic 'who dunnit' STEM style!

The author and founder of Junior Einsteins Science Club is Tracey-Jane Cassidy. Tracey Jane has an MA in science from Trinity College and an MSc from The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.The mission is to nourish a lifelong love of learning through science in all our children, (Junior Einsteins™) igniting their natural curiosity by providing exciting and engaging STEMexperiments, professionally delivered in a structured, safe, supervised, educational and fun environment.

Fantastic DNA!

The Fantastic DNA! workshop has activities centered around DNA, the key molecule to life. Young explorers extract DNA from a banana guided by a local scientist. They build and play a fortune teller paper game to learn more about DNA. Every participant practices all activities during this interactive session and take their banana DNA home.

The experiment is a real experiment, simplified but most of the equipment used is similar to the one found in a laboratory.


Cool Planet Experience

The Transport Decarbonisation workshop is designed to inspire participants towards a brighter future and engineer sustainable solutions for a cleaner, greener economy. A ‘hands on’ investigation into renewable technologies such as wind, solar and fuel cell energy transfer. Participants have the opportunity to design, engineer and power a car of the future using a clean energy source. In addition to an increased understanding and awareness of climate change and alternative energy participants also learn to strengthen critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Cool Planet Experience is Ireland's first interactive climate change experience, an immersive journey into the story of our changing climate.