March 11 – April 2, 2020

USA & CANADA: McPEAKE Performing Arts Centre Tour

Ask Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, or Bono about the roots of Irish Music, and they will point you to the McPeake Family!

The four generations of the McPeake Family are one of those rare Irish gems that have been whispered as ‘folk-royalty.’ Their beloved song “Wild Mountain Thyme” has been on the lips of music lovers across the globe - in Irish pubs, concert halls, and music festivals worldwide - since it was first performed in the late 1940s. This hauntingly beautiful folk anthem has been covered by music superstars such as Glen Frey (The Eagles), Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan and Judy Collins, to name but a very few.

Francis McPeake I penned “Wild Mountain Thyme;” Francis McPeake II influenced Van Morrison, Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan; Francis McPeake III taught John Lennon the Uilleann Pipes; and now Francis McPeake IV - who has worked with iconic Hollywood film companies, such as Walden Media, and Academy Award-winning actors - has formed the vibrant new band McPEAKE.


  • Cookeville,
  • Nashville,
  • Roebling Point,
  • Indianapolis,
  • Kansas City,
  • Des Moines,
  • Rockford,
  • Chicago,
  • Ann Arbor,
  • Detroit,
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