The Sugar Club presents

Irish Hip Hop Against Homelessness

Lineup on the night:

Jafaris, Why Axis , JYellowL, Erica Cody, Nealo, Dubzeno, Rebel Phoenix, Celaviedmai, Malaki, Aaron J , Shiv, Nonzus Magnus, Fynch, Jehnova, Local Boy, C.O.B., Sick Nanley Plus major surprise guests & DJ Sets.

Plus major surprise guests & DJ Sets.

Strength in Numbers.

Irish Hip Hop Against Homelessness is an idea to bring everyone in the hip hop scene together to do something positive about the worsening homeless situation in Ireland. The housing crisis, gentrification, and poor government management have left 10,000s of people without the basic necessity of a place to call home.

Inner City Helping Homeless have 200 volunteers on the streets helping people who are sleeping rough and bringing them hot drinks, sandwiches, clothing and sleeping bags. On top of this they run an advocacy program assisting homeless families and individuals as to how to navigate their way out of their situation.

Needless to say this is an incredible organisation and I am so delighted that everyone from the Irish hip hop scene has decided to come together to attempt to make a positive change in our community.