March 14 - 17 2020

POLAND: Hear the Dance, Usłyszeć Taniec Irlandia

HEAR THE DANCE is a unique and colourful dance project, where the dance is an integral part of the music.

It is based on varied forms of percussive dance, where the traditional and the contemporary blend seamlessly, with different cultures meeting on the same stage. The audience can experience Irish step dance, flamenco, tap dance, contemporary dance and ethnojazz.

This project was created by accomplished dancers and musicians, varied dance show lead dancers and masters of the traditional/contemporary genres. It consists of three productions: Hear the Dance, Hear the Dance SPAIN and Hear the Dance IRELAND.

The performances will feature three musicians and two dancers.

Usłyszeć Taniec is a music and dance project established in 2014.


  • Ruda Śląska,
  • Bielawa,
  • Kędzierzyn Koźle,
  • Wrocław