St. Patrick’s Festival presents

ABAIR: Ballymun. Family Storytelling with Eddie Lenihan

Join the inimitable Eddie Lenihan for an afternoon of yarns and folk tales for all the family.

Eddie Lenihan, is an Irish author, storyteller, lecturer and broadcaster. He is one of the few practising seanchaithe (traditional Irish lore-keepers and tale-spinners) remaining in Ireland. Particularly well known for his tales of Irish folk heroes, fairies, fallen angels, and other supernatural beings as recorded in Irish mythology, folklore and oral history.

Lenihan’s first local reputation developed as an enthusiastic children's storyteller, but as his international storytelling reputation grew, he has appeared in the film, The Fairy Faith, in a series of programmes on BBC radio, and at numerous high-profile folk festivals.


In association with Dublin City Council

Abair is a program of traditional singing and storytelling events exploring the oral folk traditions of Ireland. Taken from the Irish word meaning both ‘to say’ and ‘to sing’, the four-day program offers a broad range of intimate, unplugged performances, each highlighting the richness and beauty of the Irish singing and storytelling traditions still preserved and practiced to the present day.

The events will also feature a 'songs from the floor' session, giving audience members a chance to provide a song or story of their own, relevant to the theme of ‘treasures’.